The parish council is made up of 10 members:

  • Clerk - Trudy Ryall-Harvey
  • Chairperson - David Cowap
  • Vice-Chairperson - Ruth Hadden
  • Vice-Chairperson - Kevin Holmes
  • Shaun Moore
  • Claire Green
  • Sue Willett
  • Keith Bradley
  • Richard Johnson
  • Ward Councillor - Hugo Deynem

Meeting dates

The Parish council meeting start at 7.30 pm

8th January 2019

5th February 2019

5th March 2019

7th May 2019 - Annual Parish Meeting

2nd July 2019

3rd September 2019

5th November 2019

7th January 2020

3rd March 2020



PCSO David Hayes

Tel: 101


5th March Minutes


Tuesday 5th March 2019, at 7.30pm, in the Village Hall, Dunham Hill.





Cllr A Jones – Chairman

Cllr S Moore


Cllr C Fielding

Cllr K Holmes


Cllr R Fielding

Cllr H Roberts


Cllr K Bradley

Cllr S Hanson


Cllr R Hadden






Mrs T Ryall-Harvey

Members of the public: 1



Declarations of interest were received with regards to item 9 on the Agenda (19/00257/S73 – Woodbank) from Cllr H Roberts due to association, Cllr K Holmes & Cllr K Bradley due to being neighbours.



RESOLVED 19/017 - that the Chairman signs, as a correct record of the circulated minutes of the Parish Council meeting on the 5th February 2019.



-      Litterpicking – It was requested that Street Scene be contacted to find out when they would be undertaking a litter pick around Hapsford?

-      Footpath (A5117 from Moor Lane to The Hornsmill PH – it was requested that an update with regards to if work would going to be undertaken be sought following the recent meeting.

-      Fly-tipping – It was reported that tarmac had been dumped into the hedge along the A5117.

-      Fly Tipping – Ref 4858110 – It was reported that Fly Tipping had been reported by Cllr Jones several weeks ago however this had not been cleared, the councillors were all asked to report it to increase awareness of the issue to CWaC.

-      Traffic Cones (Dollies) - had been left along the A5117, it was requested that these be cleared.



The CHALC Contract had been circulated and clarification was sought from CHALC if a Permanent Contract could be issued following the post being advertised in 2018.



-      Travellers – Renley had since the last meeting been vacated and the group asked if CWaC could update them with regards to the current status of this site.

-      Litter Picking - event to take place on 24th March 2019, so far 11 members of the public had volunteered to take part in this event.

It was additionally requested that contact be made with Highways England in Preston Brook with regards to the amount of litter on the M56 junction.

Request that Gowy Landfill review the amount of litter that is being left along the A5117 and take necessary measures to reduce this.

-      Road Cleaning Update – Gully clearing still needed to be undertaken.

-      Wind Farm – a volunteer was sought to attend the next meeting, Cllr Holmes undertook to represent the Parish Council however he asked that his apologies be sent for the next meeting.



-      Village Matters

Wild Flower – no further update with regards to this.

Christmas Tree – Cllr Bradley undertook to explore this further.

Village in Bloom – it was suggested that the residents be contacted to gauge their support in applying for this for future years.



-      Election of Parish Councillors – the Clerk outlined to the meeting the key dates with regards to the upcoming election:-

Notice of Election would be going up on Friday 15th March.

From this date nomination papers were being received by CWaC via appointment and all nominations should be received no-later than 4pm on Wednesday 3rd April.


All application forms that the Parish Council wished the Clerk to submit on their behalf need to be back with the Clerk by Sunday 17th March.


-      Councillors noted the Planning Register.

-      Planning applications –RESOLVED 19/018  that the following actions be undertaken with regards to the current planning applications:-

18/04088/FUL – Jessamine Farm – council would not oppose this application


Cllrs K Bradley, K Holmes & H Roberts left the room.


19/00257/S73 – Woodbank - this work had already been carried out and therefore clarification as to whether it was a retrospective application was sought?  Council would not oppose application.


Cllrs K Bradley, K Holmes & H Roberts returned to the meeting.



RESOLVED 19/019 – that the Council approve accounts and payments as circulated in the Cash Book and including the following

CHALC Training                                             £35.00

Screwfix – Litter Pickers                                 £79.95

Eleven Seventeen – Refuse Sack Holders         £74.95

St Luke’s PPC – Churchyard Grant                 £380.00

Clerk Salary - Mar                                        £208.26

HMRC                                                        £156.00

Clerk Expenses                                              £51.34


The Parish Council thanked Cllr A Jones for all of this work over the past 16 years of being a Parish Councillor and wished him well with his new venture.


Tuesday 7th May, 2019 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.


The meeting closed at 8.45pm    


Signed:...............................................................    Dated:...............................................

Mrs T Ryall-Harvey 06/03/2019